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Chapter 5: The Shirt off Your Back


Jim was standing in his boxers, towel drying his hair when Simon walked up to their lockers.

"Ah, I feel human again," said the tall captain with a contented sigh.

The detective chuckled, "Yeah, you were looking a bit like the swamp monster there."

Simon looked at his friend mischievously, "Oh yeah, and who's the one who was complaining about mud in his ears?"

Whatever Jim mumbled in reply was lost as he reached into his locker for his sweat pants. The two men bantered as they continued to get cleaned up from their latest adventure. Jim was just reaching for his shirt when he heard Simon curse and sit down on the bench.

"What's the matter, Simon?"

The older man just sat there mumbling curses to himself for a few moments before answering his friend. "I completely forgot that I have to pick up my Aunt Jennifer tonight."

Upon seeing that the other man didn't understand the significance of his statement, Simon continued. "My Aunt Jennifer is one of those prim and proper lady types. She used to always comment on how we were dressed and our haircuts. She's not someone that you meet wearing your old torn up workout clothes." To demonstrate his point Simon held up the sweatshirt he was about to put on.

It was perfectly acceptable for wearing to the gym or at the station after tackling a suspect in the mud, but the presence of several holes and stains made it unacceptable for picking up a relative at the airport.

"I'll never hear the end of it if I pick her up in this."

Jim was trying hard not to laugh at his friend's dejected look. Big tough Captain Simon Banks, who could make a whole bullpen full of seasoned detectives jump in fear, was scared of his aunt.

The detective's attempts at silence didn't go unnoticed by the captain. "I'm serious, Jim. She'll want to inspect my entire wardrobe if she sees me in this rag."

Jim had all but pulled his shirt over his head when he decided to take pity on Simon. "No problem, Simon."

He took his shirt off and handed it to his friend. "Just take my shirt. It has no extra holes and no stains whatsoever."

Simon tried to refuse the shirt, "I couldn't do that, Jim. I can't take the shirt off your back."

The Sentinel placed the sweatshirt in his friend's hand. "It's no problem, Simon. I'll just take Sandburg's shirt."

"Jim, why don't I just take Sandburg's shirt? Then you can keep yours."

"Trust me. Wearing Sandburg's shirt would almost be worse then your holey one."

To emphasis his point, Jim held up Blair's sweatshirt, which read 'Coed Naked Marching'. "He got it while dating a clarinet player at Rainier."

"Hmm, you're right," Simon replied and began pulling the borrowed sweatshirt over his head.

"Besides, sir, I remember the last time your Aunt Jennifer came to visit," Jim continued while he also put on his borrowed sweatshirt. "Trust me, anything I can do to make her stay easier on you is not a selfless act."

Simon recognized the shirt as he pulled it on, "Hey isn't this the Army sweatshirt that Sandburg gave you at the hospital last week?"

Jim blushed a bit as his head popped through the hole in his borrowed sweatshirt. "Um, yeah. Don't ask. It's kind of a long story."

Simon simply harrumphed in reply. He was too used to not asking about long stories when it came to Jim and Blair.

The two men finished dressing in silence, then accompanied each other down the hall.

Simon thanked Jim for the shirt and they said their good byes. As they headed off in separate directions, Sandburg walked up. He waved to Simon and then turned to Jim. "Um, Jim, am I seeing things or was Simon wearing the Army sweatshirt?"

The Sentinel smiled as he put an arm around his Guide and started towards the bullpen. "Come on, Chief, I have a great story to tell you."

Blair bounced along beside his friend in anticipation of a hilarious story, "I hope this is also going to explain why you're wearing my band sweatshirt."

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