This is a half drabble that Ferryboat George came up with in chat the other night. That girl never ceases to amaze me how she can paint such a picture with so few words.

Disclaimer: Neither ferryboat George, or I own Jim or Blair. The Guest Star belongs to one of George's stories. The Sweatshirt is a figment of my imagination and belongs to whoever it was given to last.

The Multiverse Sweatshirt: Just Ducky (by ferryboat George)


Jim frowned at the old Army sweatshirt, lying in a lump on the couch.

*He should treat this better.*

He scooped it up to put it away, noticing a bump in the middle.


He reached into the folds, pulling out... the duck.


"Hey, the poor thing was cold."

the end


ferryboat George's fic - Sorry, her fic is currently homeless, but I'll put the link here when it's found a place.

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