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The Multiverse Sweatshirt: Like Father, Like Son (by Jen R)


Simon and Tyler ran into the loft, soaked to the skin and shivering.

They had been playing basketball in the park when a downpour started.

"It's COLD!" Tyler exclaimed as he shivered, and bounced on his toes a bit.

"I had noticed, T.J." Simon chuckled at his friend.

The boys pulled off their shirts and jeans, dumping them in a pile by the door.

Simon grabbed some towels from the bathroom and tossed one to Tyler before starting to dry himself off.

Next, Simon went into his room to look for some clean clothes

"Hurry up, man!" Tyler called out.

"You are such a wimp!" Simon said as he handed a t-shirt and an extra pair of jeans to Tyler.

The jeans were too long on Tyler so he rolled them up. "Hey! I am not a wimp! It's cold!"

"Whatever you say Chief," Simon said as he got dressed.

Tyler muttered under his breath, knowing that Simon would hear every word.

Before Simon could come up with a retort he noticed that Tyler was still shivering. Going back into his room he grabbed a sweatshirt out of his dresser. "Here, Chief, put this on."

"Thanks man," Tyler said as he pulled on the sweatshirt. Looking down at it he saw that it was an old army sweatshirt that looked like it had seen better days. "Where'd this come from?" Tyler asked, looking back up at his friend.

"I don't know, it must be Dad's cause its too big on me too . . . maybe mom put it in my dresser by mistake," Simon replied, shrugging.

Being so focused on making sure Tyler was warm enough, Simon didn't hear the door to the apartment open behind them. "What are these clothes doing on the floor?" someone asked.

The two boys turned to see their fathers watching them. "Ooops, sorry Dad, I was gonna put them away but T.J was cold and I had to get a sweatshirt for him . . ."

It was then that Jim and Blair noticed the sweatshirt that Tyler had on, and they started chuckling. "Looks like the sweatshirt has been passed to the next generation," Blair said.


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