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"All Books are tenuously connected through L-space and therefore, the content of any book ever written or yet to be written may, in the right circumstances, be deduced from a sufficiently close study of books already in existence."

--The theory of L-space as stated in The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

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* Warning * These are not the product of a sane mind. *

Blair brings home a 3D poster. How does Jim react? Does he zone? Can he see things we can't?

Mothers Can Be Such a Pain - Blair is looking for a gift (Mother's Day) for Naomi and asks Jim to help. Jim starts thinking about his mom. Whatever cases they are working on are mother related.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again - Jim gets knocked on the head and now thinks he's the Lone Ranger (he is the only one of his ranger group who survived). Blair is Tonto and Sweetheart is Silver. Jim keeps trying to solve a crime that nobody but him knows about. While Simon and Blair try to keep him out of trouble.

Jim gets knocked on the head (yes again) and thinks he's Enqueri. He only speaks Chopec and is VERY protective of Blair. He won't even let Blair out of his sight. If he thinks Blair is safe, like at the loft or station, he becomes Jim again. IE goes to sleep as Enqueri and wakes up as Jim. But immediately becomes Enqueri again when Blair is even slightly threatened, like splashed with hot water or something.

Sentinel and Airwolf crossover. (Crossovers, Yum!) Stringfellow Hawk has at least three heightened senses, sight, hearing, and touch.

Captain Get Your Kevlar (This started as just a title, but when I mentioned it at a CT chat it turned into something resembling one of Angie's challenges) Simon is having a very bad day. He must use everything in his trunk. His Kevlar vest is pink for some reason. Simon startles a cow (Thanks K).

Blair gets stuck in an old elevator on campus. (Those things are always breaking) (sort of an epilogue or something for Dead Drop)

The Pumpernickel Incident - Henry's wife (He mentioned her in TsbyBS) is pregnant and craves pumpernickel bread. She insists that it come from a particular store, which is next to a bar. Something happens at the bar and Rafe ends up covered with pumpernickel dough.

Good News! This bunny got adopted! (Actually I adopted my own bunny) If you want to read the results go to my Fan Fic page.  Richard Burgi and Garret Maggart guest star on The Muppet Show. (Use your imagination) Piggy is chasing after one of the boys. Some of the muppets keep getting RB and GM confused with some of the characters that they've played, especially Jim and Blair. (I warned you that these weren't sane)

Jim, Blair, and Major Crimes have a water fight.

Blair is reliving one of Jim's classified ranger missions in his dreams. It was a misson to rescue Americans being held hostage by a South American (pick a country) drug lord. There was a young woman who was the girlfriend or daughter of the drug lord. The drug lord is killed during the mission. At the station a VIP is being given a tour of Cascade. She is a South American business woman who is thinking of moving part of her business to Cascade and is checking out the neighborhood. She is the woman from Blair's dream and Jim's mission. Jim and Blair recognize her. (Blair hasn't talked to Jim about the dreams for some reason.) Jim wants to keep an eye on her and doesn't think it would be good for Cascade for her to move in. He thinks she has picked up where the dead drug lord left off, but he can't tell anyone why because of the classified mission. She recognizes Jim and decides to get some revenge while in town. The panther eventually shows up in Blair's dreams. The dreams are Jim's spirit guide's way of telling Blair about the mission since Jim can't.

Jim and Blair go to a museum exhibit. It is a traveling exhibit of some explorer's stuff. The explorer didn't document his travels well and the origins of some of the artifacts are unknown. There are also several phrases of an unknown language in his journals. Jim recognizes the language and artifacts as being Chopec. They then help the Dr. traveling with the exhibit to catalog the artifacts and translate the phrases (something about a silly and foolish pale visitor). But the doctor is jealous. How can some cop and a student do what she has not be able to do. The usual calamity occurs. (Thanks to Graywulf for helping to expand this one)

Simon's dating Amy. Joan finds out and is not happy to find her ex-husband dating a younger woman. (Thanks to Sue for the bunny)