I asked for a story where Jim and Blair meet the Muppets. Teej graciously obliged. (The blasted Pirate that she is.) This is why I blame the other Muppet stories on Teej. I just knew it was her fault somehow. She doesn't think that it's much, but look at what it started. I'll let you decide for yourselves.

Standard Disclaimers: The Sentinel and related characters belong to Petfly. The Muppets are the creation of Jim Henson and belong to his family.

Picture this if you will...


I can see it now,

Miss Piggy, head over heels in love, is chasing Jim all over the set.

Blair and Kermit get into kahoots with one another, get hungry, and proceed to drive the Swedish Chef up the wall. Somehow or another the Salad Shooter goes nuts and starts flinging Tossed Salad all around.

Megan makes a surprise appearance on PIGS IN SPACE wowing Dr. Strangepork and Link Hogthrob and barely avoiding a karate' chop from a jealous Miss Piggy. Somehow or another they find themselves in Simon's car...

Henri and Rafe are happily jammin' with Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Janice, Rolf and Animal in the band, Animal goes beserk.

Simon is holed up with Waldorf and Statler in the balcony seat, sharing stogies and oneliners.

Blair shows up in Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Lab where he (the Dr.) is trying to give a demonstration on how to grind coffee. When things begin to go wrong, Blair and Beaker try to help out. The Coffee grinder, overloaded, erupts like a small volcano and buries all three in Coffee Beans.

At some point Megan is overrun by sheep...

Sam the Eagle begins going on and on with Jim and Simon about the dignity of the Officers of The Law, but they all get run off the stage by the band of rats still mutinying from the Pirate Ship skit.

Jim, Gonzo, and Miss Piggy are in a Jungle skit together. Jim finally earns Miss Piggy's wrath and ducks just in time from her lethal karate' chop because he hears her arm move! She clobbers Gonzo instead.

Rhonda comes running and screaming from out of the wings with a maniacally laughing Animal chasing right behind her.

Fozzie puts Rafe and Henri to sleep with his jokes.

and for the exciting ending... Blair's backpack comes to life as a muppet and begins singing a rousing rendition of 'I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere...'

Good night folks!


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