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Noise Generator
Lila Kulp

Klunk klunk.

Jim tried to ignore the noise.

Klunk, klunk. Klunk, klunk.

Jim refused to acknowledge the annoying noise.

Klunk, ka-klunk, klunk.

"Sandburg, would you please sit still?" Jim demanded while trying not to lose his place in the middle of his report.

Blair looked up from the textbook he was reading, "Huh?"

The Sentinel tried not to growl, but didn't succeed very well, "Every time you move, your chair wobbles and makes noise. Stop. Moving."

Blair gave his chair an experimental wiggle and sure enough it went klunk klunk. "Oh, sorry. I didn't notice."

Jim just glared at his friend and went back to his paperwork. He was able to finish all of half a page of his notes before fate intervened.

Klunk, klunk.

Klunk, klunk.

Jim tossed down his pencil, "Sandburg!"

Everyone turned to look over, at the sudden shout.

Blair simply froze in place and mumbled, "Sorry."

Jim sighed and picked up his pencil again. He managed to finish his current page of notes and start on the next one when he heard it again.

Klunk, klunk.

Klunk, klunk.

Jim very quietly placed his pencil on the desk.

Klunk, klunk.

He stalked around his desk to where Blair sat crosslegged on the spare chair.

Ka-klunk, klunk.

He grabbed Blair by the shoulders.


The bullpen was deadly silent as Jim pulled Blair up to stand, gave the wobbly chair a shove out of the way, and sat Blair down on the floor. Without a word, Jim walked back over to his seat, picked up his pencil, gave his partner one last glare and started once again on the paperwork.

Jim was estatic when he managed to finish his notes for the current case and began typing up the report. He had just managed to type his name in the appropriate spot when the inevitable happened.

Frrrrrrrpt, frrrrrpt

Jim's head went klunk on his desk as Sandburg absent mindedly ruffled the edges of the pages in his book.