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Bouncy Blair
Lila Kulp

Everyone looked up as Blair came bouncing into the bullpen. They watched as he bounced over to Jim's desk and deposited his ever-present backpack.

They continued to watch as Blair told Jim all about his day in one breath, grabbed their coffee mugs and bounced off to the break room.

Rafe got up and walked over to Jim's desk. "Hey Jim, is it just me or is Sandburg bouncier than normal?"

From across the room Henry spoke up, "Yeah, I noticed it, too."

Jim just sat there and looked thoughtful.

As Blair bounced back into the bullpen, Rafe headed back to his desk. Once again everyone watched as Blair bounced over to Jim's desk, miraculously not spilling any coffee. Jim was not only watching his friend, he was also using his other senses to determine what was causing the extra bounce.

Blair was about to grab a handful of the ever-present paperwork when Jim's eyes suddenly grew wide and he got that look on his face that indicated that he'd noticed something with his senses.

Blair immediately went into Guide mode, but before he could inquire further, the Sentinel sprang from his chair and practically tackled his Guide.

"Jim? What the..?"

The Sentinel ignored the protests of his friend as he searched for what his senses had found.

"Hey, Jim, stop it!" Blair managed to get out while trying not to laugh. "That tickles."

Jim was systematically pulling up the shirt tails of the different layers that Blair was wearing. Everyone in the bullpen was silently watching with interest. They'd seen Jim swat at his partner in jest, but never anything like this. Jim had spun Blair around and now had stuck his hand down the back of Blair's shirt collar.

Rhonda was about to go get Simon when she heard a triumphant yell from the large detective.

"Ah ha!!"

All eyes were glued on Jim as he held up his prize.

Joel was the first to realize what Jim had found and started snickering. Blair spun around to see what Jim had been looking for and doubled over laughing when he saw what was in Jim's hand.

Jim quietly walked over to Rafe's desk and placed the thin white and obviously used drier sheet in front of the confused detective.

A smile spread across the young detective's face. "Well that sure does explain Sandburg's extra Bounce."

The End

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