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 Boys and Their Toys
Lila Kulp

"Hey Jim, you've got to come over here and take a look at this."

Blair had no idea where Jim had wandered off to, but he figured that the Sentinel would still be able to hear him. Sure enough a few moments later, Jim Ellison walked up to stand next to his friend.

"What is it, Chief?"

Blair pointed to something hanging on the display, "Take a look at this and tell me what you think."

Jim studied the object for a moment. "Um, just what am I looking for?"

"Don't you remember the movie? When we went to see Jurrasic Park III? You made a comment about the pilot," Blair said, trying to jog the detective's memory.

Jim's eyes grew wide as his brain found the necessary information, "ooohhh yeah, about the pilot looking like Simon? Now I remember."

Blair pointed back to the action figure, "Now take another look at the toy."

"It does kind of look like him, doesn't it?" there was a hint of a laugh in the Sentinel's voice.

Blair began to bounce. "Imagine that, our Simon, an action figure."

"Yeah, Chief, we live in a strange world," Jim answered as he moved to place the toy back on the display.

"Hey, what are you doing? I want to get that," Blair said as he grabbed the toy out of his friend's hand.

The Sentinel sighed and gave his Guide a warning look. "Sanburg, you'd better not be planning anything that will get us into trouble."

Blair just gave Jim the "Who me?" look and bounced off towards the check out counter. Jim was forced to rush to keep up, "Sandburg, I'm warning you."


Simon walked into his office and went straight to his coffee maker. As he poured himself a cup of the miracle brew, he made a mental note to do something nice for Rhonda. He suspected that she was the reason he always had a warm pot ready when he came in each morning.

After he'd gotten a good start on his second cup, the captain turned to face the pile of paperwork that always seemed to collect on his desk. "Reports. Reports. Requests for reports. Expen... what the?"

Simon picked up the strange object that had been hidden in his paperwork. He studied the features of the action figure and one thought came to mind.


The captain glanced out his window into the bullpen and saw the culprit sitting at his partner's desk. The police observer was quietly working on paperwork, as usual, but he seemed to be keeping a close eye on the door to the captain's office.

Simon took another drink of his coffee.

He looked at the toy.

He looked out at Sandburg.

He looked at the toy.

He looked out at Sandburg. Ellison had joined him now and was currently trying to get the energetic young man out of his chair.

As Simon watched the two interact, an evil smile spread across his face and he took another drink of his coffee.


Jim and Blair exited the elevator and headed towards the Major Crime bullpen. As always, Blair was talking non-stop.

"I'm telling you, Jim, it's strange. Simon didn't mention a thing about the action figure, yesterday. I would have sworn he'd come charging out of his office and bellow, ELLISON, SANDBURG!" Blair did a pretty good impression of the captain as Jim held the door and ushered his friend through.

Blair turned around so he could face Jim, but didn't stop walking, "he didn't even say one word when I went into his office later to give him your reports. I didn't even see it on his desk, so he had to have seen it."

Blair had been trusting Jim to warn him of any obstacles that he might walk into, so when Jim stopped suddenly, so did Blair.

The Sentinel just stood there, quietly staring at something behind his partner. Blair was quiet for a moment, studying his friend's body language. He had gotten good at reading the stiff posture and the jaw twitch.

When Jim didn't provide any further information, Blair turned to see for himself what had caught the detective's attention.

Finally, the Sentinel spoke. "Sandburg, would you care to explain to me why my desk is covered with Shrek and Donkey toys?"

The End

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