This was one of those things that the Muse insisted I write. I'm blaming it on WnnePooh. She asked for The Naming of a Goddess and this came as part of the deal. I'm also blaming this on my sister. You know you've been living with someone too long when... And of course Phil, who had to go change his shirt.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, or Henry Brown. I don't make any money from this story.


By Lila Kulp

"Oh no, Sandburg, you just turn around right now and go change your shirt."

Blair Sandburg just stared at his roommate, Jim Ellison, like he had suddenly turned purple with orange polkadots, or something. "What!?"

"You heard me. Go. Change. There is no way we are wearing the same shirt today," Jim almost growled.

Sandburg looked at his roommate. Then looked down at his own shirt. Sure enough, they were both wearing their Cascade PD sweatshirts.

"Oh hey, we're both wearing the same shirt, man."

"Well not for long. Go change before we're late."

Blair stopped half way to his room and spun back around to face the larger man. "Wait a minute. Why is it that I have to change my shirt?" He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to look defiant. "You're the one who doesn't like what we're wearing. You go change your shirt."

"Sandburg," a bit of irritation was evident in Jim's growl, "I am not changing my shirt because, I got dressed first this morning, you're closer to your room, and I'm bigger than you. Now. Go. Change."

"OK, I'm changing. I'm changing," Blair said as he turned and walked into his room. He continued to mumble to himself as he put on a different shirt, "Geez, this from a man who used to wear the same thing as hundreds of other grunts in the army."

"I heard that!"


Once Blair passed inspection, the two partners headed to the station.

The elevator stopped at the sixth floor and they stepped out, heading towards Major Crime. They had just cleared the entrance to the bullpen when Blair walked into Jim's back with an "oompf".

Blair looked up to see what had caused the Ellison roadblock, "Hey what the... Hey H, nice sweatshirt!"

The End

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