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Commercial Break
Lila R. Kulp


"Hey Chief, you want a beer?" Jim Ellison called from the kitchen.

Blair Sandburg looked up from the couch, "Sure."

They finally had the chance to relax. The past couple of days had been full of long stakeouts culminating in an Ellison-style car chase and a Sandburg-style hostage situation. But that was all over now. Even the paperwork was done, and all they had to do for the evening was relax and watch the Friday night movie.

Jim handed his roommate a bottle of the newest microbrew and plopped down on the couch. "So what did you find in the TV Times?"

"I can't decide Jim. I'm torn between The Power Rangers, The movie and Lethal Weapon II. Maybe you could help break the tie."

Jim looked at the impish grin on his friend's face and wondered if it hurt to smile that widely. Oh well, that was Sandburg. He reach out and snatched the remote from the younger man's hands, "Gimme that. I should break more than the tie simply because you mentioned that other movie," a similar smile gracing his own face.

Without another word the Sentinel flipped to the appropriate channel, "So which do you like best, the red or the blue ranger?"


"Ok! Ok, I get the hint." Jim laughed and flipped till he found Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and he and Blair settle in to watch the movie.

Neither had spoken a word until the first commercial break, simply sitting in companionable silence. They continued to sit enjoying the chance to let their guard down when the first commercial caused Blair to think.

On the television, a small dog is shown rolling on the furniture and the narrator begins to speak. "Most spot-on-flea-controls contain pesticides that can rub off in your home."

The Guide turned to the Sentinel, "I guess it's a good thing we don't have a dog cause I'd hate to think of the reaction you'd have with your senses, man."

"Yeah, so I guess we'll just have to find another form of pest control for you Chief," Jim said ruffling Blair's hair.

"Ha ha very funny."

Then the narrator continued, "But there's no pesticide residue with Sentinel."

Sentinel and Guide look at each other, each not sure it they heard correctly.

"Only Sentinel protects dogs…"

The two occupants of the Loft were oblivious as the commercial continued to announce the abilities of its product. They were each trying to breathe between fits of laughter. Blair finally lost his fight to stay on the couch and didn't seem to notice when he fell on the floor holding his sides.

The ringing of the telephone joined the riotous sounds. It took four rings before Jim could bring his laughing under control enough to answer the phone.


"Jim, it's Simon. You'll never guess what I just saw on television."

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