This is for my loving husband. He lets me do all my crazy things and doesnít think that Iím strange. Well stranger than normal. Did that make sense? Oh well. This new House Rule is for him.

Also the standard thanks to TAE for the beta and to the gals in chat for giving my wacky Muse a place to play.

Another House Rule
Lila Kulp


He hated this.

This was the one thing that could really put him in a bad mood.

Doing the laundry wasn't so bad. That, he didn't mind. The thing about doing the dishes right after they ate actually made sense. Sure, he forgot about the towels, but he was getting better. And Jim didn't even grumble about the feet on the couch thing, as long as he didn't have his shoes on. But this was just intolerable.

Blair stood at the bottom of the stairs, fuming. He would never learn. It was just one of those habits. A habit that Blair would love to break. Vowing that he would have a talk with his roommate once he got home, Blair started up the stairs.

He took each step with determination, the entire time grumbling something under his breath. At the top was Jim's immaculate bedroom. The bed was made with military precision. There were no stray clothes, no random books. There wasn't even a half-closed drawer. The anthropologist ignored all this as he made a beeline for his goal.

He went straight to Jim's closet, his grumbling getting a bit louder. Opening the door, he spied what he was after. With relish he began collecting the precious objects. "Why Jim insists on putting them in his closet, I will never understand."

Another prize was plucked from the closet and added to the load in Blair's arms. "He wouldn't dare put a milk carton back in the fridge if it was empty. Leave an empty beer bottle on the counter? Nooo."

Blair gave the closet another scan to make sure he hadn't missed anything. "And God forbid that I should leave an empty shampoo bottle in the shower."

Satisfied that he'd picked the closet clean, Blair closed the door and headed back down the stairs. "I think it's time to add another house rule to the list."

With that last comment, Blair put his harvest of empty clothes hangers in the empty basket and headed down to the basement to finish the laundry.

The End

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