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Lucky Eddy
By Lila Kulp


Rafe gave the bullpen a quick glance. All was as it should be. The detectives were working on paperwork or out following up leads. The various staff members were doing their best impressions of bees. Even Simon was quietly sitting at his computer instead of yelling on his phone. Seeing that things were right with his little piece of the world, he returned to his own paperwork.

Moments later, the peaceful calm was shattered.


Rafe quickly looked up at Rhonda's startled scream. She had leapt several feet away from her desk and was now staring at it as if it had suddenly turned into a monster.

Rafe was the first by her side. "Rhonda? What's wrong?"

She was visibly shaking and her heart was pounding a mile a minute. "Oh, God, it just…" she couldn't even finish her sentence. She just kept looking around as if to make sure that nothing was sneaking up on her.

By now, Rafe had been joined by several other officers and Simon was on his way. One was about to lead her off to the break room when she spotted movement on her desk.

"Look! There it is! Kill it! Kill it!"

"Uh oh," thought the detective as he saw the cause of Rhonda's agitation. That must be lucky Eddy.

Earlier that morning, Rafe had had the pleasure of interviewing a witness whose best friend was a spider that he'd named Lucky Eddy. Actually, the guy, who had wondered in off the streets, had insisted that Eddy was the witness and that he was just relaying the message. It appeared that Eddy had stayed around to see how his case came out.

Before the detective could do anything to secure the safety of his 'witness,' the secretary took matters into her own hands. Mumbling something about sensible shoes, she took of her right shoe and, with a resounding 'WHACK,' put an end to Eddy's luck.

Rafe looked down at the smear on Rhonda's desk and couldn't help but chuckle. He picked up the copy of this morning's witness report. "I guess Lucky Eddy decided to come in and sign his statement after all."

The End

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