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Not Betad.

by Lila Kulp

Jim was furious.

He'd looked everywhere. Now he was pacing up and down like a caged Jaguar. He couldn't believe it.

Not a trace.

How could this happen? He'd been so careful.

There was no sign. No clue. One moment there; then the next, gone.

He'd tried using his senses.

Nothing. No sight. No scent. No sound. Nothing.

He circled the kitchen island again, kicking the scattered pots and pans out of his way as he went. This couldn't be happening. He was a Sentinel for crying out loud.

He whirled around as he heard a noise by the door.

Blair was just standing there, frozen. He had been in the middle of dropping his backpack on the floor when he had noticed the condition of the kitchen and his partner.

Pots and pans were scattered everywhere. It looked like the place had been ransacked. Every cupboard was empty and the contents scattered about the counters and floor.

His partner wasn't in much better condition. He looked furious. And a furious Sentinel was not a good thing. His clothes were disheveled. And he was growling.

Nope, definitely not a good sign.

Blair very slowly lowered his backpack to the floor, then raised his hands in a sign of surrender.

"Okay Jim. It's just me. Just calm down, man. Tell me what's wrong."

Jim's response was to hold up one hand so that Blair could see what he was holding.

"I can't find it. You'd think a damn Sentinel could find things. How could it just disappear?"

Blair was slightly confused. Was Jim talking about what was in his hand? Was this like when he couldn't find his glasses because they were on top of his head?

"I've looked everywhere, Chief."

Jim was now leaning on the counter with his head in his hands.

Blair moved to his partner's side and placed a hand on his back. He was finally able to get a good look at what Jim had been holding.

"It's okay, Jim. These things happen. It's one of those inevitable things. You just can't prevent them."

Blair picked up the tupperware container which was obviously missing its lid.

"It's like when you put two socks into the laundry but only one comes out."

Jim just looked at his friend, seeking reassurance.

"You sure?"

Blair nodded and smiled. "I'm sure, man. It's just one of life's mysteries."

The two friends began replacing the scattered kitchen items in their appropriate spots. Neither one of them noticed a certain Jaguar and Wolf playing hockey with a certain tupperware lid.

The End

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