One of the Cascade Times listsibs wanted to know where I got my nickname, The Reserve Goddess. The real story isn't very exciting so I wrote this one. Enjoy.

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The Naming of a Goddess
By Lila Kulp


Julia Vargas trudged up the front steps of the main library. It had been a long day and it didn't look like it was going to get any better any time soon. She had just suffered through a particularly grueling thermodynamics class and was now headed to work.

Most of the time working in the library was a fun relaxing job. Julia was the Reserve Coordinator at the Rainer University Library. She took materials that professors and TA's wanted to reserve for their classes and saw to it that they were processed properly. Each item had to be marked as to which professor and class it was for, required a paper trail, a place in the closed stacks, and had to have its computer record altered. Not usually a stressful job, but occasionally certain people would muck up the system.

Julia placed her backpack next to her desk and hung up her jacket before turning to the mountain of materials on her desk. It was still the beginning of the semester and there was still a lot of new material to be processed. She took a deep breath and eagerly dug in.

"There. That's the last of Marotz's stuff. And I don't even have to shift much. And just in time to head home too." Julia said to herself with a smile.

She was just about to head out the door when she saw a site that made her groan. Someone with a huge stack of books and papers was headed towards the desk. Not just any papers, the forms he had in his hands looked considerably like reserve request forms.

The stack of books was unceremoniously placed on the circulation desk and a head peak around the side. This was obviously a TA. There was no way that this guy was a tenured professor. He was young, with long curly brown hair, and a smile that would make you melt if you didn't know that it meant more work for you.

"Hi. I'm Blair Sandburg. I teach Anthro 101 and I need to speak with someone about placing these on reserve for my students."

Julia called upon her reserve of patience and waved off the other desk assistant. "I'm Julia Vargas, I handle reserve items."

"Oh great! I know this is short notice and stuff, but I really need for these to be processes as soon as possible." Blair said with a smile.

* Great another TA who leaves things to the last minute. Don't these people realize that and emergency on their part does not constitute one on my part. * But aloud she replied, "Not a problem. I can have them available as early as Friday morning."

By the look on Sandburg's face this was obviously not what he wanted to hear. "Um I was hoping that my students would be able to check them out tomorrow sometime."

*Why am I not surprised.* The only reason Julia was able to resist the urge to roll her eyes was the pleading look on Blair's face.

Seeing the hesitant look on her face Blair continued, "It's just that I've been really busy lately and I asked another TA to drop these off, but " suddenly his eyes widened as he noticed the backpack and jacket. "Oh I'm sorry. You were about to leave weren't you? No problem, I can just postpone the reading assignment. I know my students won't mind."

The look on Blair's face was one that Julia had never seen on a TA before. His expression wen from pleading, to shock, to apologetic, to lost puppy dog. And this lost puppy dog looked like he was expecting to get a kick for his trouble. But who could kick a puppy dog with such an adorable face. Those blue eyes just seemed to make you want to scoop the puppy up and cuddle him. *Oh hell, I might as well. It's not like I had anything else planned for tonight. *

"Um actually I was just going to get something to eat before I came back here. I'll put a rush on these and since you've filled out the forms properly I could have them on by tomorrow at noon. Would that be OK?"

Blair's face light up in a smile bright enough to light a baseball diamond. "Really? Oh that would be great! You're a goddess. I really appreciate this."

The smile was contagious and Julia felt a smile spread across her own face along with a slight blush. "That's OK. Just don't let the other TA's know that I'm such a softy," she replied with a wink.

"Oh no, of course not. And thanks again." Blair gave her one last smile before he turned and bounced out of the library.

Julia just shook her head as she picked up the books and headed back to her desk.



It was one thirty by the time Julia got to work the next day. She had finished putting Sandburg's stuff on reserve the night before and had taken the morning off. The circulation desk was it's normal hub of activity as students asked for materials for various different classes. She smiled as she saw one of the desk assistants check out some of Sandburg's material to a group of students.

She walked back to her desk expecting to see the usual pile of books and forms, but was surprised to find something else. On top of the usual library stuff was a bag of Hershey Kisses with a note.

To: The Reserve Goddess

Even small miracles are something to be thankful for.

From: Blair Sandburg, a faithful follower

The End

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