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Now You See Me, Now You Don't
JenR and Lila Kulp

Part I - JenR

"Daddy, get up," his son called, as he bounced on the bed.

He burrowed deeper under the covers.

"Uncle Blair, get up!" his godson joined in, bouncing on the bed, as well.

He pulled the sheets tighter around himself.

"Chief, get up!" his best friend called to him.

Before he could do anything, the sheets were yanked away from him and he was tackled from both sides by the children, who starting tickling him.

"AAAAHH NO! Stop it!" he yelled between laughter.

Once the tickle war was over, Blair sat up, hugging the children to him. "I'm up, are you happy now?" he asked.

"YES!" three voices chorused.

"Hurry up, we're supposed to go get a Christmas tree today, daddy!" Tyler ordered.

"Yeah, Uncle Blair!" Simon said.

"Yeah, Chief!" Jim said, sounding like a child, as well.

"Okay, okay, I'm going, geez," Blair said chuckling.

"Well it's about time, I thought I was gonna have to start a pillow fight!" Jim muttered.

Blair grinned evilly and before Jim knew what was happening, Blair jumped up and smacked Jim in the face with a pillow, before running for the bathroom for a shower.

By the time Jim spun around to glare after his friend, Blair was already gone.  He was so focused on glaring after Blair that he failed to notice the two boys coming up behind him until it was too late. He was hit from both sides with pillows from the bed.

Jim spun around to face the giggling children.  "Oh, you think that's funny, do you?" he asked.

"Yeah!" the kids replied giggling.

Jim grabbed his own pillow and got his revenge.

It was almost an hour before Jim, Blair, and the kids, left the house. They decided to eat breakfast at the diner down the street, as it served waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

"Where are we gonna get a Christmas tree, daddy?" Simon asked as he ate his plain waffles.

"There are a few places we could go, depending on what kind of tree we want," Jim replied.

"Like what?" Tyler asked mouth covered in strawberries and whipped cream

"We could get one that's already been cut by someone at a tree lot, or we could get one from a nursery that's in a pot. We could plant it somewhere later on," Blair explained.

"Cool. I want tree in a pot!" Tyler said.

Jim and Blair chuckled. "Guess that solves that," Jim said.

A half hour later, they were at the nursery trying to find a tree; and not having much luck.

So far, there had been a problem with each tree. Either it was too small or it wasn't shaped right or it just didn't look right for some reason.

Jim was getting frustrated and Blair wasn't doing much better.

Tyler was bored. He wanted to be doing something else. Something caught his attention and he quickly headed that way.

Simon, realizing his friend was walking away, chased after him.

"What about this one, Chief?" Jim said, looking at what seemed like the 100th tree since they got there; really it was only the 10th.

"Hmm..... I don't know man.... Uh, Jim?" Blair trailed off


"Where are the kids?"

Jim looked down and spun around. "Oh, shit . . . " he muttered.

"We are in SO much trouble. Find them!" Blair exclaimed.

"I'm trying!" Jim all but shouted.

"Daddy, over here!" he heard Simon call out moments later. He ran towards the voice with Blair hot on his heals.

They found Simon a few rows over. "Come look at what TJ found!" he said, before running off.

They soon found TJ sitting on the ground near a tree. It was the best one in the lot. TJ was oblivious to what the adults were doing. He was too busy playing on the ground with some rocks he had found.

Jim sighed. "We aren't going to tell Magen and Aislynn the real story about how we ended up finding this tree, are we?" he asked.

"That would be a no, Jim," Blair replied.

"What about the kids?" Jim asked.

Blair looked scared. "We are in so much trouble here . . . " he said once again.

Part 2 by Lila

"I can't believe those men," Megan said over her shoulder to her friend, Aislynn. "Hold still, Simon.  I want to see if this fits."  The last part was said to the squirming child in front of her.

"Yeah, you'd think that two detectives who happen to be a Sentinel and his Guide could keep track of their own kids." Aislynn was looking through a rack of clothes, looking for something for Tyler.

"Well, knowing those two," Megan started to say, then turned to her son, "Okay, Simon, go change back into your clothes," then turned to Aislynn, "They probably got to arguing over a tree and the kids just wondered off."

In response, Aislynn just rolled her eyes. "Oh, yeah, those two can argue over anything."

"Hey what do you think of this sweater?"

The two friends examined the red and blue sweater that Aislynn had found.

"Oh that'd look great on Ty.  Lets get him to try it on and see." Aislynn turned to her son, only to find empty air.

Megan and Aislynn looked under the clothing racks, hoping that Tyler had just crawled underneath. No such luck

Megan then turned to her own son intending to have him locate his young friend, "Simon can you..."

She turned back to her friend who had a mixture of fear and laughter on her face. "They did it to us too, didn't they?"

Megan just bit her lip and nodded her head. "And neither of us is a Sentinel, so how are we going to find them?"

A wicked smile creped across Megan's face. She began to whisper softly, "Simon, do  you know what happens to little boys who wander away from their parents at the mall?"

The mothers waited a moment.

Aislynn picked up where Megan left off, "You're both going to find out quick if you don't get your little butts back here before I count to three."



"Two and a half."



Both women were nearly tackled by their little bundles of energy.

Tyler looked up at his mother, "Mommy, we didn't wander off.  We were looking for Daddy's Christmas present."

Aislynn and Megan exchanged knowing glances.  "Oh, and what did you find?"

Simon was the one who answered the question, "Well we didn't have much time to look, so we didn't find anything."

"Just where were you looking?" Megan asked in her best 'no I'm not interrogating my child' tone.

The mothers had to listen closely to hear the mumbled answers.  "In the toy store."

"Well, if you promise not to wander off again, we'll go back to the toy store when we're done here, okay?"

After both boys had agreed with, "Yes, Mommy's", Megan and Aislynn paid for their purchases and led the boys over to the Play Barn.

As they boys rushed to their favorite toy sections, Aislynn leaned over to Megan, "do you think we could bribe them not to tell their fathers?"

The End

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