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Warnings: Shopping at Walmart can be dangerous.

Note: This is a birthday present for Christina, the Drabble Queen.

That and I needed to keep the muse happy.

A Shopping Trip
by: Lila Kulp


"Jim, do we need a gun cabinet?" Blair asked over his shoulder to his friend.

"What? Why?"

"Oh, I just found one that has you written all over it."

Jim came and stood by Blair.

Blair had found Walmart's display of Sentinel Gun Cabinets.

Jim shook his head and smiled.

"Sandburg, we don't need a gun cabinet, Sentinel or not."

As they were walking past the health and beauty section, Jim detoured down one of the aisles, grabbed something off the shelf, and tossed it to Blair.

Blair caught the item and noted the brand name.

"Cool, Sentinel cotton balls!"

The End

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