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Family Traits - The Sentinel/Dr. Who - Enola Jones
Life with Sandburg's family is never simple or normal. Sequel to Whose Family
The Game - Lila Kulp
The detectives of Major Crimes have devised a little game for the sentinel and his guide. Guess who wins? Nope... it's a surprise.
He Should Have Known - Lila Kulp
You'd think that Jim would be able to recognize a trip to the Sandburg Zone by now. Inspired by a list of ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity. 
How Life Turns Out - The Sentinel (AU)/Stargate SG-1 - Lila Kulp
What Do You Mean You Found Him in the Psych Ward?
Idol Vacation - The Sentinel/Magnum PI - Lila Kulp
A week in Hawaii would be an ideal vacation right? Not when you have a Sentinel, his Guide, a Private Investigator, and an idol.
It's All About Friendship - The Sentinel (AU) - Lila Kulp
A drug cartel wants to help Jim Ellison find a new guide. An AU where Sentinels are known about, but very rare.
It's Not For the Lack of Trying - The Sentinel - Lila Kulp
Why Blair never moved out.