My Sentinel Fanfic

Lost and Alone - A Sentinel's greatest fear is to be lost and alone without his Guide. 04 Jan 99
All the King's Horses and All the King's Men - If a Sentinel's greatest fear is to be without his Guide, what would be his best friend's fear? Simon Banks' response to Lost&Alone.
Study Break - It's FINALS Week and Jim arranges for a study break.
Commercial Break - Have you seen the 'Sentinel' commercial? What would be the boys' reacactions to that?
Lucky Eddy - Rafe has a slight problem when Rhonda meets one of his witnesses. 
A Senseless Education - It started as a challenge and a laugh, let's not forget the absolute hilarity of the list which bred this gem. (Lila is the ultimate Kulprit though)
The Game - The detectives of Major Crimes have devised a little game for the sentinel and his guide. Guess who wins? Nope... it's a surprise.
A Shopping Trip - A little drabble about shopping with Jim and Blair. 
Muppet Madness in Cascade - A series <G>
The Naming of a Goddess - An explanation for one of my nicknames, Blair's response to an act of kindness. 
The Blessings of Friends - A giftfic for Anna Rennie-Clark. Rafe learns a lesson about having friends.
Missing - A short fun chatfic. Jim has to confront one of his greatest fears. 
The Perfect Present - A giftfic for Marianne's birthday. What do you get the Captain of Major Crimes for his birthday?
Bouncy Blair - Just why is Blair so bouncy? Jim finally finds an explination.
The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt - A smarm filled series about a certain old Army sweatshirt. 
Coincidence - You know you've been living with someone too long when...
He Should Have Known - You'd think that Jim would be able to recognize a trip to the Sandburg Zone by now. Inspired by a list of ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity. 
Another House Rule - As if there weren't enough. Another house rule gets added to the list. 
Boys and Their Toys - Never let Blair loose in the toy section, this is the result. ICB Warning!! Do Not Eat or Drink while reading. 
Lessons to be Learned - Part of The Next Generation Series created by Marianne. Simon and Tyler learn a painful lesson.
Animal Control - What happens when I let my Muse watch Animal Planet while I chat.
Animal Control II - The sequel to Animal Control, by popular demand.
Noise Generator - Just a bit of sillyness in chat. Inspired by a new listsib.