Lila Kulp
Crossovers and Alternate Universes
How Life Turns Out- The Sentinel (AU)/StarGate SG1
A different version of what happened when Jim got back from Peru.
Idol Vacation- The Sentinel/Magnum PI
A week in Hawaii would be an ideal vacation right? Not when you have a Sentinel, his Guide, a Private Investigator, and an idol.
It's All About Friendship- The Sentinel (AU)
A drug cartel wants to help Jim Ellison find a new guide. An AU where Sentinels are known about, but very rare.
Muppet Madness in Cascade - The Sentinel/Muppets
A series <G>
Mythic Reality - The Sentinel (AU)
Mix equal parts The Sentinel, comic books, and Greek Mythology and you get Mythic Reality.
Short Stories
Animal Control - The Sentinel
What happens when I let my Muse watch Animal Planet while I chat.
Animal Control II - The Sentinel
The sequel to Animal Control, by popular demand.
Another House Rule - The Sentinel
As if there weren't enough. Another house rule gets added to the list. 
Bouncy Blair - The Sentinel
Just why is Blair so bouncy? Jim finally finds an explination.
Boys and Their Toys - The Sentinel
Never let Blair loose in the toy section, this is the result. ICB Warning!! Do Not Eat or Drink while reading. 
Coincidence - The Sentinel
You know you've been living with someone too long when...
Color Test - The Sentinel - The Sentinel
Mmmmm M&M and Sentinel Tests
Commercial Break - The Sentinel
Have you seen the 'Sentinel' commercial? What would be the boys' reacactions to that?
Lucky Eddy - The Sentinel
Rafe has a slight problem when Rhonda meets one of his witnesses. 
Missing - The Sentinel
A short fun chatfic. Jim has to confront one of his greatest fears. 
The Naming of a Goddess - The Sentinel
An explanation for one of my nicknames, Blair's response to an act of kindness. 
The Perfect Present - The Sentinel
A giftfic for Marianne's birthday. What do you get the Captain of Major Crimes for his birthday?
Secretary's Day - The Sentinel
Nobody messes with Rhonda, the secretary of the Major Crime department.
A Shopping Trip - The Sentinel
A little drabble about shopping with Jim and Blair. 
Other Stories
All the King's Horses and All the King's Men - The Sentinel
If a Sentinel's greatest fear is to be without his Guide, what would be his best friend's fear? Simon Banks' response to Lost&Alone.
The Blessings of Friends - The Sentinel
A giftfic for Anna Rennie-Clark. Rafe learns a lesson about having friends.
The Game - The Sentinel
The detectives of Major Crimes have devised a little game for the sentinel and his guide. Guess who wins? Nope... it's a surprise.
He Should Have Known - The Sentinel
You'd think that Jim would be able to recognize a trip to the Sandburg Zone by now. Inspired by a list of ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity. 
It's Not For the Lack of Trying - The Sentinel
Why Blair never moved out of the loft.
The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt - The Sentinel - Series
A smarm filled series about a certain old Army sweatshirt. 
Lost and Alone - The Sentinel
A Sentinel's greatest fear is to be lost and alone without his Guide. 04 Jan 99
Companion piece to 'My All the King's Horses and All the King's Men' and Ronnee's 'Memories and Memorabelia'
Second Generation stories - The Sentinel
Part of The Second Generation Series created by Marianne.
A Senseless Education - The Sentinel
It started as a challenge and a laugh, let's not forget the absolute hilarity of the list which bred this gem. (Lila is the ultimate Kulprit though)
Study Break - The Sentinel
It's FINALS Week and Jim arranges for a study break.
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